Matte Black Urus


641 HP



0-60 mph

3.4 sec



Step into the world of unparalleled luxury and performance with the matte black Urus Lamborghini. This magnificent SUV embodies the fiery spirit of Lamborghini, draped in a sophisticated matte black finish. Monza Exotics proudly presents the Matte Black Urus for enthusiasts who crave a harmonious blend of power and elegance. Join us as we delve into the captivating features of this magnificent vehicle and the allure of renting it from our esteemed establishment.   Behold the Power of the Matte Black Urus Lamborghini: With its potent 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, the matte black Urus Lamborghini churns out a jaw-dropping 641 horsepower. Its prowess is evident as it surges from 0 to 60 mph in an astounding 3.6 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 190 mph. This titan of an SUV, with its adaptive all-wheel-drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, promises an exhilarating journey, striking the perfect balance between the sporty essence of Lamborghini and the luxury of an SUV.  

Specification Details:

Engine: 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo
Horsepower: 641 hp
Torque: 627 lb-ft
Top speed: 190 mph
0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Drive Type: All-wheel drive
Seating capacity: 5
Cargo Capacity: 21.7 cubic feet
Fuel Economy: 12 mpg city/17 mpg highway
Weight: approx. 4,850 pounds
Length: 201.3 inches
Width: 79.4 inches
Height: 64.5 inches
Artistry and Excellence of the Matte Black Urus Lamborghini: Clad in its arresting matte black exterior, the Urus exudes an aura of mystery and sophistication. Its design, reflecting Lamborghini’s penchant for boldness, is both aggressive and luxurious. Inside, it’s a sanctuary of opulence with high-end materials, cutting-edge technology, and meticulously designed interiors promising an unrivaled journey of comfort.

Distinct Features of the Matte Black Urus Lamborghini:

Stunning Performance: The V8 engine ensures a rush of adrenaline with every drive, a hallmark of Lamborghini. Majestic Design: The matte black finish brings an additional layer of grandeur, ensuring the vehicle stands out wherever it graces its presence. Advanced Technology: With features like state-of-the-art touchscreen infotainment, digital displays, and driver aids, the driving experience is nothing short of futuristic. Unforgettable Experience: The blend of power and luxury ensures that every journey in the Matte Black Urus is a cherished affair. Why Monza Exotics is the Ultimate Destination for the Matte Black Urus Experience: Monza Exotics takes pride in offering the exquisite Matte Black Urus Lamborghini as a centerpiece in our elite rental collection. We believe in providing more than just a vehicle; we offer an experience. Each vehicle, especially the Matte Black Urus, is upheld to the highest standards of maintenance and care, promising you an unparalleled journey of luxury. Elevate Your Journey with Monza Exotics: For those with an insatiable appetite for luxury and a penchant for unmatched performance, the matte black Urus Lamborghini awaits. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a statement, a dream, a masterpiece. Reach out to Monza Exotics, and let’s craft an unforgettable driving saga together.


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Matte Black Lamborghini Urus Rentals

A luxury SUV that is sure to turn attention and make an impression, this Matte Black Lamborghini Urus combines power, performance, and flair. The Urus is ideal for people who wish to stand out on the road thanks to its striking design and cutting-edge technologies.

Lamborghini Urus Performance

This Matte Black Urus SUV features a 641 hp V8 engine, 0-60 kph in 3.5 sec, a 190 mph top speed, an all-wheel drive, and 8-speed auto transmission for on/off-road comfort.

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